Shannon Bridge Cycle Lane

As kids many of us enjoyed the freedom of cycling to school. Unfortunately, in recent decades there has been a total collapse in the number of children who cycle. Roads have become more dangerous and parents now drive their children to school more than ever. Of course, the more that children are driven to school, […]

More space for Limerick’s people around our river

It’s been a tough few weeks for everyone as we’ve all had to deal with everything changing. It is inspiring how seriously people in Limerick, as well as throughout Ireland, have taken the task of protecting our frontline workers. Social media is inevitably full of focus on the few transgressors, but in my experience the […]

Covid-19 and Government Formation

After a very difficult week I’m on the train back to Limerick and have time to write an update on what has been going on in the government formation talks and the Covid-19 crisis. I’ve been in Dublin mostly since the election. Initially this was to take part in the exploratory talks with other parties. […]

Education and an evidence-based approach

With the launch of the Green Party manifesto, one item got considerable media coverage: “Exploring the phasing out of homework in primary schools”. Although the party manifesto does not commit to banishing homework, simply asking for an exploration of the idea, it got a lot of attention. The evidence for and against homework in educational […]

Rural Public Transport

As we seek to strengthen our rural towns and villages, we need to better provision them with public transport to give people an alternative to accessing employment, education and public services without needing to use the private car. If you take the rural areas of the Limerick City constituency: Murroe has only two buses a […]

Public & Active Transport

Why invest in public and active transport? I believe that transport is a force multiplier for society. Transport connects us, it helps us access employment opportunities and it connects communities. We need transport to access healthcare, to visit friends, to interview for a new job, to do anything outside our home. I am passionate about  […]